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Welcome to the ultimate resource hub for Montessori schools, educators & parents seeking to provide invaluable support to their community. As a Montessori community, we understand the vital role parents & educators play in a child's Montessori education journey. Our mission is to empower Montessori communities worldwide by offering comprehensive guides specially curated to foster strong partnerships between educators and parents.

Creative Montessori Curriculum Development

"CMJ Design Studio has been at the forefront of Montessori curriculum development, setting the standard for unparalleled content and quality."

CMJ Design Studio has been at the forefront of Montessori curriculum development, setting the standard for unparalleled content and quality. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to crafting professionally written, full-color parent guides & curriculum manuals in a convenient digital format. Our focus remains unwavering: to provide educators and caregivers with comprehensive resources rooted in Montessori theory and methodology tailored specifically for Montessori learners. With CMJ Design Studio's classroom-ready digital Montessori guides & manuals, you gain access to the essential tools necessary to confidently nurture and guide your student along their Montessori journey. Elevate your teaching and caregiving experience by embracing the Montessori way with our trusted resources.

Empowering Montessori Excellence with CaTessa Jones at CMJ Design Studios – Your Path to Inspired Learning

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Your Ultimate Montessori Administrator Resource Hub

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Elevate Montessori Training: Your Go-To Source for Optimized Montessori Training Manuals

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Your Expert Montessori Classroom Guide at CMJ Design Studios - Unleashing Montessori Magic!"

Montessori  Classroom Guides

CMJ Design Studio guides & manuals stand as the preferred choice for Montessori schools worldwide.

Opt for CMJ Design Studio's premium Montessori curriculum resources to enhance your educational resources and empower your Montessori journey.

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Montessori Parents Comprehensive Guides

Montessori Environment

Why Invest in Our Parent & Educator Comprehensive Guides, Manuals & Curriculum Resources


  • Infants A Manual  

  • Infants B Manual  

  • Toddlers A Manual  

  • Toddlers B Manual  

  • Twos A Manual  

  • Twos B Manual  

  • Infant/Toddler Curriculum Support Material

Etho Concepts

Discover the key to nurturing your student's full potential through Montessori education.  Our digital Montessori guides, manuals  & training resources provide expert insights, practical tips, and a wealth of resources to support your Montessori community.

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Why Invest in Our Parent Comprehensive Guides

Investing in our comprehensive Montessori parent guides can empower parents to become active partners in their child's education. These guides provide the knowledge and tools necessary to create a supportive Montessori environment at home, reinforce learning, and nurture a child's development in line with Montessori principles. This investment not only benefits the child but also strengthens the parent-child and parent-school relationships.

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Digital Download

Beautifully Designed Montessori Material: Our digital downloads are informative & visually appealing, making it a delightful resource to engage with.

Montessori Parent Guides by CaTessa Jones at CMJ Design Studio
Montessori Parent Guides by CaTessa Jones at CMJ Design Studio


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