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"Elevating Excellence, Embracing Impact, Igniting Creativity, Unifying Diversity." 

CaTessa Jones

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A Montessori Global Branding and UX Design Studio

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Holistic Impact of Creativity

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CMJ Design Studio is a dynamic force at the forefront of design innovation, content creation, and marketing strategies. Through harnessing the power of social media platforms, we connect with audiences worldwide, driving impactful change. Our mission extends beyond mere service provision; we specialize in curating immersive experiences that resonate deeply with diverse communities, fostering meaningful connections on a global scale.

Global Leader in Montessori Creative Services

Our services cater to Montessori  businesses, startups, leaders, parents, educators, and digital communities who share our values of achievement, benevolence, freedom, and universalism. CMJ Design Studio empowers socially conscious organizations, amplifying their mission through visually compelling and strategically crafted designs."

“Anchored in our core values of Achievement, Benevolence, Freedom, and Universalism."

"At CMJ Design Studio, we specialize in crafting transformative digital experiences. By seamlessly blending AI, design, and technology, we create innovative solutions that resonate with audiences and drive meaningful impact. Our expertise ensures that every project reflects our commitment to excellence, creativity, and cutting-edge innovation."

"Blending AI, Design, and Technology"

At CMJ Design Studio, we pride ourselves on setting a precedent for innovation within the Montessori community. Through our dynamic approach to design, content creation, and marketing strategies, we're reshaping the landscape of Montessori education.

Precedent for Innovation in Montessori!

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Hello! My name is CaTessa and I am the Creative Director, Content Creator, and Graphic Designer behind CMJ Design Studio & Club Toddz.

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CaTessa Jones @ CMJ Design Studios

01  Montessori Brand Identity & Brand Strategy

02  Montessori UX Website Design & Development

03  Montessori Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Creation

04  Montessori Creative & Graphic Design Service


03  Montessori Curriculum

02 Montessori Philosophy

01  Montessori Ethos

Montessori education is grounded in certain fundamental principles and values that guide its philosophy and approach. These principles and values collectively form the ethos of Montessori education. However, it's important to note that the terms "ethos" and "values" can sometimes be used interchangeably, and their meanings might overlap. 

 Unleashing Science

and Genius


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Montessori Parent Education

Montessori Curriculum Design

Montessori Classroom Management